Independent asset raising and placement

We have developed well-established, outcome-driven relationships with institutional sources of private capital, including hedge funds, family offices, and private investors. Fox Chase works for managers who have a niche in their chosen strategy, meet our due diligence criteria, and have an offering that will be attractive to our clients.

Successfully raise institutional capital

The combination of experience and knowledge of the investor landscape is a part of the value proposition at Fox Chase. We help you accelerate your marketing efforts through our existing suite of contacts and distribution networks.

A vested interest in your success

We take on the right engagements knowing we can put in the effort and make a difference.  Our fees are structured on long term investor-building relationships.

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Fox Chase helps managers strengthen distribution and raise capital through sales strategies.

Well-established relationships with institutional and private investors
Capital  structure optimization
Value-added sources of funding
Raising capital as part of the hedge-fund start up process
Team up with the GP and their Investor Relations professional
Find out how Fox Chase can bring a new perspective to your practice.