A seamless brokerage transition

Branching off on your own is a pretty big step. You want to do it right, but you also have clients to serve and a business to maintain. The key to success is to have a dedicated team on your side to have all the transition details handled promptly, accurately, and most importantly with care. The outcome? A skillful transition with one goal in mind: customer satisfaction.

Transition with confidence

The combination of experience and dedication is a part of the value proposition at Fox Chase. We support your business vision with the tools, solutions, and people to guide your transition from start to finish.

A dedicated transition agent

The transition management team is a differentiator for Fox Chase, facilitating the delivery of customer service superiority as well as operational quality. We aim to shrink down the timeline of the move so you can smoothly and successfully transition your practice.

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transition excellence is part of the value proposition at Fox chase.

Conduct a transition discovery call
Build a customized transition plan
Conduct training on paperwork
Set a timeline to communicate with your clients
Organize contact information for your clients
Complete transfer paperwork
Move clients' accounts
Prepare business cards and marketing material
Find out how Fox Chase can bring a new perspective to your practice.